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Splitting Nails from ridges in your nails

Ok, so if they are splitting vertical and you see ridges in your nails this can be a problem and sad to say this may get worse as the years go by. ( I didn't use the word age. )  ;-)
This is usually caused by what is called corrugations in the nail. It can be very helpful to keep them conditioned with a good cuticle oil and keeping the nails at an average length. Sometimes you can add a little nail glue to help stop the splitting and if it is a bad tear you may also try a silk patch that can be purchased at the drug store and of course as always, a visit to your favorite manicurists for a repair will usually work out best!


Brenda Coman said...

my nails also split...I usually do gel/shellac but it doesn't stay on very long and my nails split should I lay off the shellac for a while?

Ask The Nail Tech said...

Hi Brenda,
When using the Shellac did you apply good cuticle oil daily? That is very important when wearing Shellac nails, it will help keep the natural from drying out and keeps your nails flexible.
I don’t know how long you have had the Shellac on your nails but I think anytime that the natural nail is rejecting a product it is a good idea to give them a break.
I would recommend using good cuticle oil (I like the Solar oil) apply it daily. It will not fix the nail that is already damaged. What it will do is get the new growth back into good shape. It takes the nail about three months to grow out but if you keep them oiled and manicured you should be fine to reapply the Shellac when they are healthy again.
Hope this helps :-)

Brenda Coman said...

thank you very much!!!

Ask The Nail Tech said...

You're Welcome! Hope it helps :-)