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How to Remove Gel Polish

So you need to remove that Gel Polish?

Gel Polish is Great and last way longer than regular Nail Polish however if you are a Gel Polish wearer then you know the removal can be time consuming.
This is for Removing Gel Polish and not Regular Gel if you are trying to remove Real Gel Nails Click Here: if you have Gel Polish keep reading :-)
Whatever you do don't peel them off, because even if it is starting to peel up there can still be spots that are still adhered to your nail and if you peel it off it can pull layers of your nail along with it making your nails week in those areas.
I also don't recommend sitting in a bowl of acetone because it is very drying to your skin.
The best thing to do is be patient and remove the Gel Polish as recommended by the manufacturer.
If you don't want to purchase the removal kit that is recommended for the type of Gel Polish that you are wearing here is another option you may try.

Things you will need: Something to protect your work area,Towels,Cotton (100% ) , A medium grit file, Strips of foil about 20 (I like to cut a few extra just in case you tear one or need to add more to a nail that didn't come totally clean) , 100% Acetone, Orangewood Stick, Three way Buffer, Cuticle Oil, Hand Lotion, Soap and Water.
Now that you have all your goodies arranged lets get started!
  1. Set up and PROTECT your work area before you begin.( I can't stress this enough!)
  2. If your cuticles are really dry before you start the removal process go ahead and oil them up and give the oil a little time to soak in.
  3. Take the medium grit file and just very lightly buff the top of the Gel Polish ( you are not trying to remove the Gel Polish with the file you are only creating an opening so the acetone can get underneath the product as this will help move the process along. Go ahead buff the top of all nails.
  4. The rest of the process will be easier to do one hand at a time.
  5. Now take your cotton and wet it good with the acetone and lay it on top of your nail. Using a small piece of cotton about the size of your nail and try to stay off the skin as much as possible :- )
  6. Wrap the cotton with the foil. Do the same for the rest of your nails.
  7. Let the foil stay on for about 10 minutes, with a little pressure pull the foil straight forward off the nail and check to see if the Gel Polish is soft.
  8. If the product is soft go ahead and take your orange stick and gently push the rest of the product off the nail. If the product is still hard repeat the process on that nail and let it soak some more. Go ahead and check the rest of your nails the same. Some of your nails will release the product quicker than others and just remember, no matter how tempting it may be try and not force the Gel Polish of the nail. ;-)
  9. Repeat on the other hand.
  10. Now if your nails feel a little bumpy on top. Take the medium part of your three way buffer and just gently buff the top of your nails.
  11. Wash your hands good with soap and water.
  12. Apply your cuticle oil. (rub the oil in really good around the cuticle as well as on the nail.)
  13. Finish off with your favorite hand lotion.
  14. I guess now the only thing left for you to do is choose your next favorite Gel Polish and start again!
As always leave me a comment let me know how you remove your Gel Polish. 
We can always learn from each other. 
Do you know a better way to remove your Gel Polish?

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