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Manicure Humor-Manicure Jokes

Welcome to the Nail Salon Jokes Page

 I am no Anjelah Johnson but I do think she is funny and right on with her jokes!

I just love to doodle around and draw funny Manicure Jokes.

So I thought you might like to see them and hopefully you will get a laugh.

Laughing is so good for us! :-)


Nailee The Nail Technician


Salon Humor from the Nail Tech!  


You might want to rethink those Bubble Nails 


you might not be able to get that ring on! 




Turkey Joke from Nailee The Nail Tech

How does Nailee know when her turkey is done?




This Really is a screwed up nail ;0)

nail humor a screwed up nail



Salon Humor Get Nail Done!
Nail Humor

In a hurry drive thru nails!

Zoom! Zoom!


One Pretty Nail
Drive Through Nail Joke

  In a hurry and wish you could just drop off your nail for a quick repair? 

Nail Polish Joke


  Nail Jokes Salon Humor


Gel Nails or Jail Nails

A Little Gel Nail Humor

Are the Nude Nail Polish colors in style

She thinks Nude Nails are In

Is Nude Nail Polish Really In? She Thinks so!    ;0)

Manicurists and Humor

I'm a Nail Technician not a Magician!

Jokes from the nail tech
Nail Joke

A little manicure humor if  you're always smudging your nails before they get dry?

Bam! Are you a waver? ;)

Are you always running late for your nail appointment
Late for your Nail Appointment

Are you ever late for you nail appointment?

Do you smudge your nails before they get dry
Don't Smudge that Nail
Do you smudge your Nails before they get dry?

Manicure Joke

Never Ever Run Out Of Polish Remover!

Nail Polish Christmas Tree

Manicure not lasting

     Do you have a new hobby that might be scuffing your polish?

Nail art on your phone

Do you tell your Nail Tech EVERYTHING ;-)

App for Nail Polish
Nail Joke App for That
They now have a App for your nails what's next?

Nail Biter Comic, Nail Bite Jokes
Nail Biting

Do you bite your Nails?

Nail Care Jokes Page

Nail joke for the beach
 Beachin' Nails for the beach!

Fingernail Joke
                      What a Deflated Football!

Nail Polish Bucket List humor

Nail Polish List

Do you have a Nail Polish Bucket List?

More Nail Humor Here!

Did something funny happen to you at the nail salon?

Share your funny nail salon story here with us!

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