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Need to know more about taking care of your nails or a nail product or just want to keep up with nail trends?

I'm here to share with you what I know about nail care and
I'm always on the lookout for new nail trends, nail news and products for you to enjoy!

I love a good nail joke and always love sharing anything funny so I'll bring you a salon joke and other goodies I find for you from time to time.

Pretty Nails, Funny Nails it's all about the nails and a good laugh!

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More Nail Jokes and Puns

Salon Jokes
Nail Jokes | Nail Puns | Polish Jokes 

Just a Funny Page

Nail idioms and phrases
Laughing is Good!

A bad Nail Job! Yep they are Pocket Nails!

Plumbers Butt
  Oh No! Not Plumber's Butt!

Wake Up and Smell The Coffee
Manicure Coffe Joke

Nail Joke

Just a little pedicure humor.

Nail Biting Humor

Nail Humor - Did your nails really just fall off?

Cute Donkey Joke
What do you call a donkey in a hole?

donkey humor

Salon Jokes

Funny Nail Sign

Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ever!

Best Ugly Christmas Sweater 

New Line of Nail Polish Nail Pun!
New Nail Polish Color | Leapin' Peepin Green!

Salon humor Waiting for your nails to dry!

Do you always ding your nails before they dry?

Nail Pun Bubble Nails

Did you ask for glass nails?

Political Joke

  Political Joke

Nailee's Version of Bubble Nails



Happy Hump Day from The Nail Tech!
Happy Hump Day from The Nail Tech!

Sweater Nails from Nailee

Nailee does Sweater Nails



Nail Pun When you dig through your purse?

Now there's a way to keep from messing up those wet nails!
Just a little salon humor!

More Nail Salon Humor Here! 

Funny Nails on Youtube!

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