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Picking a Polish Color

Choosing a nail polish color that will work for you can be overwhelming because most salons have so many nail colors to choose from. 

Next time you are faced with that dreaded decision of picking out your nail color here are a few things to keep in mind.
I would like to start by saying with many years of experience in doing nails.
Most of the time women tend to have a few favorite nail colors and that they always seem to return to them. Does that sound like you?
Deciding on your nail color:
First you will want to choose a color that works with your skin tones and if you are not sure you can always ask your nail technician to help you decide.

Think about what you get at the makeup counter.
Do you tend to be in more of the cool, neutral or warm colors.

What color of clothing do you tend to like.
Try and pick a nail polish to blend with the colors in your closet.

You can always start with a lighter neutral color of polish that is not so pink or not so orange keeping on the neutral side is safe.

And if you're still are not sure you could always try a clear and white French Manicure and let the beauty of your natural your nail bed show through.

A French Manicure is safe and works with everything! ;0)
And I say again if you are getting your nails done at the salon a good nail technician should be able to help you in your decision.
You probably will notice picking a polish color really is a lot like picking out clothes or makeup..

Not always but most of the time we tend to zero in on and pick out colors that suit us.
So next time you are going to choose a nail color think about it before you begin and watch yourself.
Pay attention and see of you zero in on certain polish color in the same way you do when you are shopping for clothes.

I hope this article will help you in finding the perfect polish colors that will work for you!

Need a Laugh! Check out youtube Please Choose a Polish for a little humor!


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