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Can I Polish over my French Gel Nails?

Question from reader:
So I recently went in and got a set of uv gel nails put on. When I decided to get them I will admit I didn't ask enough questions. I've had gel nails before but never the uv type. I didn't realize until it was too late that they only offered limited (or should I say no-color) designs, and ended up with  a simple French manicure (the white was airbrushed on).

Now, I know me. I like color. And while it looks good for the moment, I know I will get bored long before it comes time to get a fill, and will want to paint these. My question is, will that be okay?? I'd rather not waste that chunk of change, but I also want to be realistic about wanting more color(s) and how to properly care for these. (and yes I realize the salon may have been a better option for asking questions; that was dumb on my part, I'll admit).

Opinions/advice are appreciated :)
Thank you for your time!
 Answer from Ask The Nail Tech:
Thanks for your question about the gel nails.
If you have true uv gel nails and the french is airbrushed you should be fine with a re-polish.
But here is what you need to know :-)
Sometimes the nail tech will put a uv topcoat over the white so it will last longer. (it will not come off with polish remover)
When you are ready for some color I would first recommend that you try some polish remover to see if the white will come off. If it does come off go ahead and remove the french from all nails before polishing.
However if the white has been covered with the uv topcoat then you will not need to remove the french and you may just paint right over the french with any color you wish.
I hope you enjoy your gel nails and I hope my advise is helpful to you.
Thanks for visiting Ask The Nail Tech!

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