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Find a Clean Manicurist

Finding a Clean Manicurist in a Clean Salon may not be easy but knowing ahead for some things to look out for can help.

1.     Arrive early for your appointment and check the overall cleanliness of the Salon, bathrooms, sinks, trash cans, work areas, etc.
2.     Check the SALON GRADE!
3.     If it is a Hair Salon is their hair in the floor? (Hair should be swept up after each client.)
4.     Is the floor around the nail area clean?
5.     Is your Nail Technicians licensed? Does she have her licenses posted?
6.     Are their animals in the Salon? (Most States don’t allow animals unless they are service animals.) I am a animal lover.
7.     Watch to see if the Nail Technician cleans her table after the client before you.( This should be done with a hard surface disinfectant.)
8.     Does the Nail Tech wash her hands before she starts your service?
9.     Does she throw away the file, orangewood stick and any other items that can’t be disinfected?
10.  Does she clean and put the previously used tools such as nippers and clippers in the barbiside jar for disinfecting.
11.  Does she have a NEW FILE to use on you? ( I always broke my file and put it in the trash so my client would see they could not be reused.)
12.  If she uses an electric file does she use a cleaned bit for your service?
13.  Does she keep her sanitized instruments in a closed storage area or container?
14.  Pedicures, ask what procedure they use for cleaning. Do they have the Whirlpool/Footspa form to show that it is being maintained? (Most State boards have a website available to the public on what is required for their cleaning procedure on the foot bath.)
15.  Are her products labeled, and closed when not in use?
16.  Does the Salon have a strong odor? Ask if they use products that contain MMA it has been prohibited by the FDA.
17.  Be observant and always check with your State Board of Cosmetology to see what is required in your area.
 18.And last but not least a referral from a friend that has been going to the same Nail Technician with no known issues is one of your best options in finding a good Nail Tech.
Don't Shave your legs before you go and if you have any area of open skin like
a cut or sore cuticle wait until it heals before you go.

This is just my opinion with over twenty years in the Salon Industry of what
I would look for if I were going to a Salon to get my nails done. I wish you luck
in finding the Nail Salon that is right for you!

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