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Nail Biting

Nail Biting also called onychophagis.

Oh No! So you are a nail bitter. 

Well yes this is a hard one!

I have noticed through the years of doing nails that sometimes getting a regular manicure or a nail enhancement can help a nail bitter because.......

1) It cost money to have them done so you tend to take better care of them.

2) Seeing a professional on a regular basis can keep your skin softer and in better condition, you should like how much better they look and feel and want to keep them that way.

3) Thinking of all the bacteria and germs that could be under your nails. ;0(

4) A good cuticle oil around your cuticles will help because if you keep your skin soft you may not notice them as much. (This needs done several times a day!)

5) Hot wax treatments at the Salon may also help.

6) I have had clients tell me that chewing a sugarless gum helps.

It can be a real challenge to stop biting your nails however is so rewarding and worth it in the long for your health and your looks. ;0) GOOD LUCK!

If you have any tips that have helped you stop nail biting your nails please leave us a comment, you never know you might just have an idea that will help someone else.

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