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How Much Should You Tip Your Manicurist

How much to tip
Should you tip that nail technician?

Have you ever wondered if you should tip your manicurist or if you are tipping enough.

When someone would ask me how much they should tip.
(If you are a new nail tech reading this yes people will ask you this question.)  ;D

I always answered everyone is different
and would tell them some clients can afford more and some less.

I had a lot of clients that paid double the service price and some that paid the service price with no extra.
I always would tell them either way was okay.
To me it was more about our relationship and our loyalty to each other.

Because most of them had been coming to me on a regular basis for years.
I knew that if someone didn't tip it wasn't because of the service I provided nor was it anything personal.

However, because of the industry I was in and tips was a good portion of my income.
It makes me very aware of the service I receive when I am out.

I always try and analyze the service I receive and try to tip accordingly.
Always keep in mind that sometimes the quality of service the person giving can be beyond their control. Yep that's right!

For instance a waitress can't help if your food takes to long because the cook doesn't have it ready.
Same goes for your hairdresser or nail tech.
If the person before you is running late it can throw her day off.
Things like that do happen so always try and see what's going on before you decide the amount you may want to tip.

Here is a good article I found about who and how much you should tip in the service industry and it has a couple of services I didn't even think about tipping. Go take a peek it's a good quick read.
Happy Tipping!

Should You Tip Your Manicurist

Have you ever wondered if or how much you should tip your manicurist?

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