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This Little Guy or Girl don't need no nail polish!

Hi, Hope everyone is having a great Saturday Morning!
It is nice and cool here and I am sitting with the doors open enjoying a nice breeze.
I was looking around on Twitter and yes I'm still fumbling around with this tweet thing but hopefully getting some better ;-) anyway if this tweet thing works check out this little guy, he is so cute and colorful he doesn't even need nail polish!

@judiboomergirl Love it!
— AskTheNailTech(@AskTheNailTech) Check him out HERE:


The Three Way Nail Buffer

Do you want to know more about the use of a three way buffer or if you need to have one?

In my humble opinion this is a must have item to have with your manicure tools and can be picked up at most any nail supply area.

The three way nail buffer is a wonderful tool that has many uses such as smoothing down a nail that has ridges, removing polish stain, smoothing a nick or help a nail that is peeling at the edge, create a shine to a natural or acrylic nail.
But only if it is used properly ;-)


Opi Coca-Cola Nail Polish Mini Collection

Do you travel a lot or just like having a quick nail polish touch up with you?
Well if you said yes, then check out the Opi Mini Coca-Cola Collection this is a great way to try all the new colors and have a small bottle to keep in your purse for that boo-boo you may get when you are on the road. ;-)

Mini Collection no longer available here is a link to the regular Opi Coca Cola Nail Polish.

OPI Coca Cola Nail Polish icon


OUCH! I cut myself with the emery board – nail file!

Well if you have ever cut yourself with a emery board then you know what I'm talking about.
It can be really painful and take awhile to heal.
If you have been one of the lucky ones not to have ever had this happen to you then you might want to do this anyway so it don't happen to you. ;-)

A lot of the emery boards are sharp on the sides when we purchase them and here is something you can do to dull the sides of the board so you don't get cut. Like they say better safe than sorry!

So here is what you can do take an old emery board and rub it back and forth along the sides of the new emery board until the sides of the new emery board are smooth. Hopefully you will never get one of those nasty little cuts again!
Hope this helps :-)  


Are your Nails Flat? Can Gel Nails help the look of your Nail Shape?

Did you know that you can have a different shape to your nails?

Have you ever looked at a friends nails and admire how pretty they are and just not sure of why?

Well chances are it's because they have that pretty arch in the center of their nail beds (the pink area). Some women just have a beautiful shape to their nails and some of us need a little something extra to make our nails look better.
Did you know that if you have a flat nail bed you can have a gel nail overlay on your nails and the gel can give you that pretty arched look to your nails.
By just building up the center of the nail lengthwise with a little extra gel can give you the pretty oval look to your nails. Click here for a little tip added to help you more:


Happy Memororial Day!

Hi, Hope everyone has had a fun and safe holiday weekend.
We have enjoyed our weekend at home, the weather here has been great and I was able to get caught up on some outside yard and garden work while hubby was power washing the house. I always love this time of year when all the flowers are starting to bloom and the garden is getting ready to give us some goodies to eat!
I am working on some manicure tips that may help you when polishing your nails and hope to get some of them posted this week.
So if you have a question that you would like to ask about your nails go ahead and Ask The Nail Tech ;-) so I can add it  to the list.
Check back soon! :-)


Nail Care Travel Kit

Whether you're packing your Mani and Pedi Emergency Kit for Couple of  days or even a long trip.

Your Nail Travel Kit should have a minimal number of items to get you by for that one nail emergency that is sure to happen if you don't have your nail kit with you. ;)

Packing just a few extra items can be a big help if you get a small ding in your nail while you are away.
Here are the main items you can gather to create your own nail kit for travel.


Getting a Pedicure in a CLEAN SALON

I know we see this news every year around Pedicure time but we all need to be reminded. ;-)
When we think about getting our Manicure or Pedicure done, we all are thinking more about the Pretty Hands and Feet and not the risk.
I can't Stress enough how important it is to find a clean Salon.
And there are some good ones out there you just need to find them. :0)
Anyway here is a List to help you know what to look for when going for that next Mani or Pedi.

A List of some things to look for when looking for a clean Salon

See Salon and Sanitation Video Here:


ILNP Nail Polish pre-orders for the new Summer Collection ending soon

Just wanted to remind everyone that the pre-order discount for the ILNP Nail Polish ends tonight if you want it you can get it HERE:


Should I use a Base Coat before I Polish my nails?

Hi,Hope everyone had a great weekend!
It was a little chilly here where I live but I am not complaining because the heat will be coming soon. :0)
Okay let me quit rambling and get back to nails because that is why you are here right?
So the Nail Question today is..... Do I have to use a base coat when polishing my nails at home? 

And the answer is Nope, you do not have to wear a base coat but you should, if you apply a good base coat to your nails before your polish the benefits are well worth the extra few minutes it takes to apply.


Going Shopping for Nail Polish

Hey, If you didn't see the Consumer Report I posted the other day about the
review on Nail Polish, then you might want to check out this quick Youtube
Video before you head out the door.
Who knows you might want to add some Nail Polish to your shopping list ;-)

Long Lasting nail polish.


Do you have a Nail Question?

Do you have a question about your Nails or a product that might help your nails that I haven't put on the site yet?
Asking is as easy as sending me a quick email or leaving your question in the comment box. So go ahead and ask :-) Comment in the comment box below or eMail me Here!


ILPN Nail Polish New Summer Collection and FREE!

The 2014 Summer Collection - Pre-orders start 5/16 at 12PM PST! All pre-order polishes are $1.00 off of retail price!


How I removed my Gel Nails after 20+ years.

Please note: This is removing real Gel and not Gel Polish if you are looking for removing gel polish you can see directions for that here Remove Gel Polish at Home

Let me start by saying that I am a Nail Technician and that is why I removed my own Gel Nails myself. I am not bragging in anyway. I am only saying it because  I just want you to know ahead of time that you can really do damage to your Natural Nail if your Gel Nails are not removed properly. :-)   Please believe me, I have seen some really damaged Nails due to imprpper removal of Nail Enhancements and once the damage is done the only fix is time and that time is a long three months, because that is about how long it takes the Natural Nail to replace itself. :-(
The number one way to remove the Gel Nails is to go to a Reputable Nail Technician and not a Cheap Sweat Shop to have them removed. (oops! did I say that)

Anyway for those of you that must remove your Gels at home and I know some of you are capable, I have seen your beautiful work online.

Here are some things to keep in mind.
  • Gel Nails that are properly done do not come off easy.
  • Try not to pick them off.
  • Most Gel soaks don't work.
  • When filing you must hold your file flat and not at an angle so you don't file into your natural nail. (seen that too) and it's not pretty.
  • Only file on the Gel and don't file on your natural nail.
  • You should shape and shorten your nails before you begin.
Removing Gel Nails

Red Carpet Manicure Limited LED Gel Polish

 Really Pretty! See the new Red Carpet Manicure Limited Edition LED Gel Polishes for Summer


Opi and Coca-Cola Nail Polish Coming Soon!

Coca-Cola Red Nail Polish!
June is around the corner so get ready for the new release of the Opi Nail Polish the Coca-Cola Colors Coming Soon!
Coca-Cola and Opi Nail Colors See them here at USA Today

Free Nail Polish and Eyeshadow Deal!

Check it out we all love a Freebie especially if it involves Nail Polish and Eyeshadow!
I just ran across this on Frugal Coupon Living a deal on  Rimmel Nail Polish and Eyeshadow
Check it out Here:



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Consumer Reports: Longest lasting nail polish

Do you need to spend $27.00 on a bottle of polish or will a cheaper $2.00 polish do the trick?
Want to know what Consumer Reports has to Say about the Longest Lasting Nail Polish click below to read the article on ABC find out!

Read it Here: Consumer Reports: Longest lasting nail polish

Nail Polish App

Did you know there is an App for Nail Polish?  A Nail Art and Nail Polish App.

I am sure some of you die hard nail polish fans already know about this. But for the ones of you who don't, here is something you may like to have with you next time you go for a manicure or even if you do your own nails at home you could have it with you when picking up your polish colors at the store.
So if you have ever seen a manicure with nail polish or nail art online that you really liked but couldn't quite explain it to your Nail Tech exactly what it was you wanted.

Now you can get the Salon Nails App right on your phone and carry the image to the Salon with you to show your Nail Tech how you would like your nails to be polished.

Although if it is a really detailed Nail Art I am sure your Nail Tech will need to book a little extra time to do them. ;-)

Nail Art App

They also say that some of the images have links with directions for doing some of the nail art yourself. Now give us your feed back- What do you think about this App for Nails? ;o)    Here is the link for you to check it out:


Once we have our Mani and Pedi and ready to get outside don't forget that sunscreen!

We are always trying to take care of ourselves one way or the other, whether it be keeping our nails, toes and hair done or on the lookout for the next cute outfit. We must keep this one other thing in mind Our Skin! 
This is an older article but one that has a great picture to show us how important our sunscreen really is to us. Pretty Amazing!    Click her for the article: Then go get out that sunscreen!

Do you have ridges in your nails?

A lot of us do have ridges in our nails and it can get worse as the years go by. (notice I didn't say as we age. LoL! )

These ridges are called corrugations or furrows and they usually run lengthwise of the nail, but can run across the nail.
Ridges in the nails can be a sign of a health issue and you should ask your doctor if you have concerns but most of the time these ridges in our nails are nothing to get alarmed about.

Now what can we do to make those ridged nails smooth and pretty?

One of the first things you may think about doing to get your nails smooth is buffing them, however the buffers (even though they seem to be very fine and gentle on the nail) can actually take of more nail than you realize and can leave you with weaker nails that could start to split and break.


Dry Cracked Heels

Well if you have a battle with cracked heels I would like to share with you one of the best Home Remedies for Cracked Heels that I have ever found.

Doing Pedicures for over 20 years to keep other women's feet looking pretty will make you take notice of your own feet. I have really dry heels and I knew that I needed my heels to look good if I was going to tell other women that they needed to take care of their heels. (practice what you preach right :-) )

Well every Winter I neglect my dry heels as a lot of women do, after all they are hidden in socks and shoes so it becomes easy to forget about them.

At the beginning of every Spring I would get my clients feet looking good but my own dry heels were always a struggle.

So I started experimenting with things around the house on my feet to try and find something to take care of my own dry heals.
One night before bed I was looking for something for Seasonal allergy that comes with the changes in season and there sit a jar of Vick's Suave and I laughed and thought about all the clients telling me how they are always seeing articles about Vick's doing this and that so I thought why not try it on my heels and see what happens.
Well the next morning I was amazed at how much better my feet looked and felt, I thought why not use it for a few days and see how it goes.
So before my shower I would remove the dry skin with my Swedish Clover Foot File
( which can be found at most Sally Beauty Supply Stores) and then after my shower I would apply the Vick's to my dry heels ( rubbed it in really good) and after a few days my heels were so much better and my heels would still look good at the end of the day.
So now at the beginning of every Spring I get out my faithful Swedish Clover Pedicure file and my jar of Vick's and have Happy Feet all Summer long. :D

Let us know what you do to get Happy Feet!


Looking for something different to give Mom this Mother's Day?

How about getting a little creative this Mother's Day and get her a new pair of Flip Flops, A Manicure and Pedicure Gift Certificate and maybe a nice bottle of  Lotion.

Don't forget to pick up a nice card, pretty bag large enough for all your goodies, tissue paper and a bow.
What Mom doesn't want to be  Pampered and have Pretty Pedicured Feet in the Summer especially in a new Pair of shoes. ;-)

Do you have any ideas to share for Mothers Day?


Want to know how to remove your Gel Polish and Shellac at Home?

Have you tried to remove your Gel Polish?

We all love how the Gel Polishes last longer than regular polish on our nails.
How ever when it comes time for removal of the Gel Polish it can be very time consuming and drying to our nails. Here are a few tips along with a list of things you will need to get started removing your Gel Polish at home. Removing Gel Polish


How to shape your nails

Ever wonder how you should shape your fingernails, should you have U Shaped Nails-Square Nails-Squoval Nails-Oval Nails?

If the answer is yes then please read on:

Well after doing nails for over 20 years ( and yes I'm that young! ) anyway back to nail shaping you fingernails.  ;-)

If you are not sure of how your nails should be shaped read on because this applies to the shape of all nails.
Whether you are shaping acrylic nails, gel nails, or a natural nail manicure you should keep the following in mind if you want your nails to look good.

This is my just my opinion ( and we all have one ) on how our nails should be shaped along with some examples of nail shapes for you to decide which shape might be better suited for your hands.

The drawings are with a french manicure look for you to have a better vision.

How to shape your square nails



Women over 50 you have to see this We Are Not Done Yet!!!!

This is a great reminder of what women over 50 can still do enjoy!

Cuticle Clipping – To Clip or not to Clip ?

Nail Technician not a Magician

Going to the Salon to have your Nail Tech fix your cuticles? You might want to rethink that.
Going to the Salon for a quick fix on those cuticles especially if you have very dry or cracked cuticles can be a mistake......Cuticles are not meant to be cut away. The cuticle is living tissue called the eponychium and it is there for a reason. (to protect your matrix)
The best thing you can do for them is keep them moisturized with a good cuticle oil and use a lot of it throughout the day.

Chances are if you are going to the Salon mainly for a cuticle fix then you may already have a open skin area and this could be an area waiting to collect bacteria. Especially if the Salon doesn’t use properly clean tools.

A good Nail Technician should know the difference and tell you if she can help you or not ( without clipping your cuticles ) or if you may need a visit to your doctor.

If your problem is just dryness then a manicure could surely help. With the use of clean tools and gently pushing back to remove any dead cells left on the nail plate and adding lots of moisture. However the only true solution is to keep the area moisturized on a regular basis. Clipping is only going to make your problem worse and the cuticle will probably grow back thicker than before, it is just the way our bodies were designed to work.

Believe it or not. Your Nail Technician is not a Magician ;-) and she can only do so much for you. So that one manicure is only a temporary fix.

You will need to do your part and help keep your cuticles moisturized between your manicures to get the result that you are looking for.

There are a lot of manufacturers that offer very small bottles of cuticle oil and one that I gave to my clients was Solar Oil by CND you can probably pick up a bottle somewhere like Ulta. Just make sure you get a good oil that soaks into the cuticle area and not a cheap one that just sits greasy on your skin. Try it for a couple weeks (faithfully)  ;-) and see the difference.


Key to a Great Pedicure at Home and keeping those feet pretty year round!

Do you want your feet to look great this summer?

Well here are some pedicure tips that will help you have beautiful feet all summer long.


After reading many how to articles around the Web about how to do a Pedicure at Home and some of them being good advice and some not so good. I thought why not add my version, so here I go...............

I have already mentioned a few important pedicure items in previous post below that I feel are the main tools to help keep your feet looking good year round. (See previous post below)
Pedicure tip no. one
Pedicure tool tip no. two
Pedicure tool tip no. three

So to give yourselves a Great Pedicure at home here are some things you will want to gather up before you start.