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Ready to Remove Your Gel Nails but not sure where to start!

Nail Hack for removing Gel Nails
Do you know what to ask for when you would like to have your gel nails removed.
This was a very good question I received from a reader yesterday who no longer wanted to have gel on her nails.

If you are looking to have your gel nails removed it is good to know what to expect and what to ask for when you get to the salon, it can be very confusing because there are so many nail products offered today especially the ones that have the gel name attached to them.

We have hard gels, soft gels, regular gel nails, soak off gel nails, UV gel nails, liquid and powder gel nails (different from acrylic nails) and so on, and now we also have what is called gel polish to throw another gel name in the group, however gel polish is not a gel nail and I will get to that later.

First you must know that a nail enhancement is to add extra strength and or length to your natural nails and a few people do the gel nails only because it helps the polish last longer.

You need to know it will take about three or four months for your nails return back to the way they were before you first had the gel applied.
So if you had strong nails before then you should have strong nails after, if you had weak nails before you had your enhancement put on then that is more than likely what your end result will be. ( Just wanted you to keep that in mind before making your decision. )

Also keep in mind when you return back to natural nails and using regular nail polish you will probably need to shorten your nails until you get use to having natural nails again. ( I always say that 10 shorter nails look much better than 7 long ones ). *wink*
Another thing you will notice is that your polish will probably not last you more than a week and that is on a good week and only if you have really great nails, so you will either need to have a manicure or be prepared to polish your nails yourself.

So now that you have made your decision what should you ask for when you go to the salon to have your gel nails or any other nail enhancement removed?

The first thing you need to do is let your nail tech know that you would like to return to having natural nails and just have regular manicures and you may also need a to start using a nail strengthener. I cheated and used CND Shellac Gel Polish for my transition because I use my nails for tools LoL! :D
I also knew I would have fairly strong nails after the three months growth and wouldn't need to do a nail strengthener.

Then comes that other gel word again which is Gel Polish.
Are you going to just start wearing regular nail polish or do you plan on doing the gel polish?
The Gel polish is not a gel nail however it may give you a little extra strength during your transition and help your color stay on a little longer. ;) Gel Polish is a true soak of product that does not require buffing your natural nail but will require soaking off and reapplying every couple of weeks.

Always feel free to send me any more questions you may have when you are ready to have your gel nails removed

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