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Did Gel Nails Ruin Your Natural Nails

Did removing gels ruin your nails
Natural Nail after Gels Removed

Above is a picture of my natural nails and I just shortened them before I thought about writing this article and taking the picture. I had gels on my nails for over twenty years.

I hear a lot of people talk about how Gel Nails have ruined their natural nails and I would like to help you understand why you may think the gel has ruined your nails.

Most of the time when you go to the salon to have Gel Nails it is usually because you can't grow your own nails. Which in my humble opinion is really the only reason you should be having gel nails applied anyway. ( I have always been a huge fan of growing your own natural nails if possible. :-)

So here is how it goes you have the Gel Nails put on and all is good, you wear them maybe for a few months or maybe even years. Then one day you decide you would like to have your Gel Nails removed and go back to natural nails.
Oh No! your used to be nails are back! :-( and you have been so use to the extra strength of the Gel Nails and maybe you forgot how your nails were before applying the gels and the fact that you couldn't grow your nails may have been why you had the gel in the first place. ;*)

Now for those of you that really did have good nails and I know you are out there because I am one of them, I had good nails (and still do) :) and the reason I wore the gels was mainly because of my job.

So if you had good nails before the gel and now that you have had the gels removed to find your nails a mess it could be many different reasons.
Here they are: If the person doing your nails was over fileing your natural nails or they may have been using cheap products and sometimes as bad as I hate to admit it, as we age our body's change dry out etc. their can be many reasons for changes in our nails and if it is not due to health or age then here is some good news ahead!

In three to four months the part of the nail that had the gel on them will have grown off and you will have totally new nail at this point, then you will know how your natural nails really are going to be without having the gel on your nails.

Hope this helps you to understand why your nails may feel so week after removing the gel from your nails and that in time they (hopefully) will be back to the way they were before.

Just a note about removing my gel nails. I did cheat a little when I removed my gels and you can read it here: :)

Would you like to share your experience with removal of your Gel Nails?


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