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Pedicure Tool Tip number two for doing your Pedicure at Home

Here is another Pedicure Tool number two that is a must have when doing your pedicure at home. It is called Ingrown Toenail File by Tweezerman and you don't have to have ingrown toenails to use this tool.
Before you use the tool you should check out the Pedicure file I mentioned yesterday (see below) after using the Swedish Clover Foot File to get your feet smooth. ;0)
The next thing you want to do is trim the toenails and then file them with an emery board, file straight across keeping them even with the end of your toe (filing them any shorter could cause the toenail to become ingrown) after filing straight across, gently round both sides of the nail and if you have ridges in your nails or some discolor from polish you might want to gently buff the top of the nail or use a ridge filler to help make the nail smoother.
After you get the nails filed it is time to soak them to soften them up and then use the small end of the Tweezerman Ingrown  Toenail Tool for cleaning out the debris underneath the nail and if you have an ingrown toenail now would be the time while your toenails are soft to use the other end of this tool, it has a file on the other end that works wonders for filing the side and relieving pressure from the ingrown toenail. You can  See it Here at The Tweezerman Website 
Or if you are like me and must have it today ( I like to have things yesterday! :-)   I think that most Sally Beauty Supplies carry them.
Hope this makes your Pedicure easier for you!

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