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Pedicure Tool Tip number three for doing your Pedicure at Home

Okay, so this is not exactly a pedicure tool but it is two more items that will make a difference in how your final pedicure results will turn out. It is a good cuticle oil and a good lotion.

I can't stress enough how important it is to have a very good cuticle oil and lotion (one that your skin will absorb and not just lay on the top of your skin. ) you may already have a favorite cuticle oil and lotion that is fine if it is doing it's job ;-)

However take notice after you have applied your products (cuticle oil and lotion).
If after a few minutes of applying your product if your cuticles and heels stay really greasy feeling you may not be getting the full benefit and that is because the product may just be laying on the top of your skin and not soaking in. A good product should soak in and leave your feet looking good as well as feeling very soft.

Here are two products that I used in the Salon (faithfully for years) and they give great results.
One is  CND Solar Oil and the other is Body Drench Original Lotion.
If you can find these two products and try them I think you will surely see and feel the difference in a good moisturizing product verses one that just stays on top of your skin.

And as usual: I am not being paid to promote CND or Body Drench this is just my results of using the products for many years and passing along the info to you so you may have pretty soft feet and look good in those new sandals!

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