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Manicures for Women over 50. Did I just say that?

Anyway it inspired me to draw a new picture! Because it doesn't matter if you are 50 or 15 there is nothing to make a woman feel prettier and younger than to be all dressed up and have a well done manicure and pedicure!


The Quilting Nut said...

I like this little lady. She looks like she is doing very well. She will have everything she needs to finish her healthy look when she gets a manicure. Those nails are very important to looking fabulous.

Ask The Nail Tech said...

Yes, nothing better than a fresh manicure to complete your look!

CrochetFanatic1967 said...

Thanks, as a woman over 50, I felt as though the world of nails and manicures had been closed off to me. Haha! Recently I have just started going to salons again, even though I'm not as young as the people in the salon. LOL! My nails make me feel youthful again and gave me the confidence to rekindle the passion in my marriage. My hubby and I couldn't be happier and even though this sounds cheesy, manicured nails have really improved my confidence. :0
I really started to take care of myself more after regaining confidence and a sense of purpose in my life. (And the hubby really appreciates how much better groomed I've become since ;0)

SnazzyGladys said...

Was recommended to this page by CrotchetFanatic1967!!! Really love the nail tips!!! Hubby really enjoys my new nails *wink wink*!!! Love the look of your website and especially this post since I am 75 and almost 76 turning tomorrow!! Keep up the work!!
I will recommend my grandchildren to the page and see what they think since they are so hip and will def know if this is LOL!! Gtg!