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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Valentine's Ideas for the Crafty

Good Morning! 
As I was scrolling through some craft pictures of things I have done in the past. I saw these Valentine ideas and thought you might enjoy them!

I know some of you here are crafter's and with Valentine's day just around the corner I thought you might enjoy a few more ideas on things you might want to make for Valentine's.

Valentine's Dog Bandanna

Valentines Dress for your Pooch!


Valentine's Embroidered Tissue

Don't Laugh, This is where a lot of thinking gets done!

Friday, January 30, 2015

Does your Sweetheart Travel

If you answered yes then here's a Sweet Valentine's idea especially if your sweetheart is away on Valentine's Day
Why not just surprise him/her with these lovely cupcakes from Poppy's Cupcakes!

Light up the Night on Valentine's

Here's a dress that could do just that

What do you think of the Jellyfish dress?

Good Morning!

A Shirt That says it all ;0)

Ever wish you had a shirt like this?

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Super Bowl Nail Art

How about some Super Bowl Nails to match the Katy Perry Pedicure posted Here

Have you got your Super Bowl Nails On?

A Tattooed-Gypsy Chick

Almost everyone has a tattoo well not everyone.

But have you ever been getting ready to go to an event and you just wish you could have a tattoo just for a day or so.

You know just for fun or maybe to see someone's reaction to it. *laughing*

You know deep down that a permanent tattoo is something you could never do.

Then why not try These Flash Tattoos Sofia from Sephora and when you get tired of them just take them off.

These are some of the prettier removable ones I have seen.
Inspired by bohemian-style jewelry.

Here's what they have to say:
Ad: This collection is inspired by bohemian-style jewelry, and it’s an eclectic way to accessorize. A fun spin on jewelry, these metallic tattoos can be worn at the pool, to a festival, or on a night out and you can apply them to your feet, arms, hands, back, chest, and nails to finish off any look.

Flash Tattoo
Ad: Flash Tattoos Sofia

Have you ever wish that you could have a Tattoo for a day?

Does he know what you want for Valentine's Day

Have you gave any clues as to what you might like for Valentine's Day?

Now I'm not saying I think you should ever ask for a ring for