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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

If you have have a nail question?????

Oh my!
With all the changes and updates on the site I just realized that some little code monster (hee hee) has lost her comment box and will fix it hopefully tomorrow. :D
So if you need to contact me you can use the eMail link at the bottom of the page.
Maybe time to shorten my fingernails! LoL!

Easy Nail Art a little more on the conservative side.

Did you know you can do Pretty Nail Art like this one without the need for a lot of extra tools. All that is required for this Nail Art Design is three different colors of polish and some tape. Yea!
You can even use colors of polish that you already have, just make sure the colors you choose blend well.
And remember the little trick about using gel polish for your first coat will really help when you are first learning to do nail art. You can read it click here:
Hope you enjoy! :-)

Here is a easy nail art with directions for you to give it a try if you like.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Are your Nails Perfect? How's Your Makeup? Are you Beautiful?

How do you feel about yourself? 

Do you ever wonder how other people see you?

I worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years and I know that most of us do not not see our real beauty at some time or another. 

I know I am guilty! ;-)

I have seen some of the most beautiful people not have a clue how beautiful they are inside and out.

Whether we have gained an extra pound, don't like the outfit we are wearing or maybe our manicure needs freshened up. *wink* *wink*
So many things make us feel insecure about ourselves and it's usually things that other people are not even noticing about us.

There is so much truth in this video everyone should see it and remember we really are our worst critic.

Do you see yourself the way others may see you?
Do you know someone you would like to share this with?

Monday, September 15, 2014

So are you going to be making your own makeup and nail polish?

Will we be able to just hit the print button and Polish our Nails? 

I am a lover of technology but I have to say, sometime it has my head spinning it moves so fast. We didn't even have cell phones when I was growing up. (and no I am not that old!)*wink* Anyway looks like before long we may all be able to just slip our nails under the printer for a polish change. Here is the article if you would like to read it and there is a video at the end if you want to watch her in motion.

Do you have a 3D Printer that will polish your nails?




French Tip Dip Kit can it give you the Perfect French Nails

Say that one three times :D

French Tip Dip Manicure Kit has been around for awhile and I haven't tried it because I have had plenty of practice doing the French Manicure ;)

I don't know anything about this kit and I read mixed reviews on it, but when I saw it I thought if it worked and is half as easy as the video makes it look, then how much easier it would be to give yourself a French manicure at home.

I also thought how much fun would it be for a little girl sleepover party.

Have you tried The French Tip Dip Manicure Kit or do you have any French Manicure Tips to share with us?