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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh Christmas Tree - Oh Christmas Tree

Shall I sing for you? Probably be best if I don't!  LoL!

Do you like the Christmas Tree Nails?

Check Out This Grinch Nail Art!

Now here is some serious nail art!

What do you think of The Grinch Nail Art?

Fix Those Ridges In Your Nails!

Do you have those deep ridges in your nails?

If you want your nails to look great for the holiday and have those deep ridges in your nails you know I don't think you should use a buffer to try and get them smooth!
That is a big no no because I have seen some really strong nails suffer from over buffing! :0(
You can read more about that here! The Three Way Nail Buffer
Instead you should be using what I call a ridge filler and here is a good one you can get from the link here or at the store when you are out and about!

 Ad: Essie Fill in the gap

Have you Tried Essie Fill in The Gap to cover the Ridges in your Nails?

Beautiful Gold Nail Polish from Essie!

Good Morning!
I had a big day yesterday with a couple of  my previous clients, I won't bore you with all the details here ;0) but it really means a lot to me to have lunch with some of them from time to time.

Anyway, have you decided on what you will be wearing on your nails for Christmas?

I just stumbled across this last night and thought what a pretty Gold Nail Polish by Essie and wanted to share it with you! Sorry they didn't give us the name of the polish :-(

So if you are still undecided on what to do with your nails this Christmas and have a CVS near by here is an idea for you to get those nails ready for the holiday!

And did you know if you sign up for their beauty club rewards membership they give you 10% off
( might be a good time to pick up several bottles if you sign up :0) and then I think for every $50 you spend they give you a $5 reward!

You know a girl never has enough nail polish or maybe you need to have some extra for a stocking stuffers!

Do you like the Gold Nail Polish?

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Puppy

Like it says 2 cute not 2 share!

Do you have a little one to dress for the holiday?

Sephora Favorites Gift for that man in your life!

Here's a gift idea for your man!

I don't know the cut off date on shipping for Christmas delivery but most of you probably have a Sephora near by and could just stop and pick one up at the store.

I just saw this and wanted to share another idea with you!
Ad: Gift set for Men

The Leading Man Fragrance Impression Sampler For Him
Refined yet bold, this collection represents Sephora’s most stylish men's fragrances, each evoking the complex spirit of the modern man.

Do you think you Man would like this Gift Set is he a Modern Man?

Do you want your nails to look festive without nail art?

You can still have your nails look very festive by choosing a pretty red nail color like the Zoya Ruby Slipper or a nice Champagne Nail Color with a little glitter on top like the ones below.

Just Sending More Holiday Nails Your Way! :0)


Do you like these holiday nails are they festive enough for you?