Saturday, April 19, 2014

Happy Easter from Ask The Nail Tech!

Colored Eggs and Colored Nail Polish


Thursday, April 17, 2014

I was just looking around at websites for Women over 50. Did I just say that?

Anyway it inspired me to draw a new picture! Because nothing to make a woman feel better and younger than to be all dressed up and have a well done manicure!

Now I have used many bottles of nail polish throughout my career and I am a pretty creative person but here is a new twist on nail polish!

What a great and creative way to use some extra nail polish, I was very impressed!
Check out what this girl did with her nail polish!

Chech it out here: It is so tastefully done and very pretty!

Julep Nail Polish estimated revenue topped $20 million!

Here's what Forbes has to say: "When is a bottle of nail polish more than a $9 beauty accessory?"
Read the story here:

Have you heard of the Gridlock Laqure nail polish?

This news article says Gridlock Lacquer nail polish is free of formaldehyde and other harsh chemicals and they offer custom nail polish colors.

Have you always wanted a nail polish that was a certain color custom made just for you.

Well check them out because they make hand mixed, custom blended nail polishes. 


Check them out and come back and let me know what you think in the comment box.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Just a little manicure humor! Are you Smudging your polish?

I always have a hard time sitting still so I totally understand, but if you can possibly resist your phone and other things until your nails have a few extra minutes to dry it will be well worth the wait! 

Manicure Smudges

Do your nails make it hard for you to use your smart phone?

Well if you are having trouble using your nails or always loosing your stylus to navigate your smart phone (that would be me ;0) ) then you may want to check this out. It is an extension of the fingernail and it can be attached so it will be right there when you need it!  Interesting check it out at........Tech Tips

Sephora Cuticle Tatoos

I am not a huge fan of  nail Tatoo's but I do think done right and maybe just for a fun weekend.............
Anyway Cuticle Tatoo's are suppose to take off this spring you can check them out at Sephora. I love the black bows. Check them out here....

A Well done Manicure is as beautiful as Nature!