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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Do your Nails Need to Breathe?

Do you sometimes feel like your Nails Need to Breathe?

Do My Nails Breathe


Maybe the better question would be, do your Nails Need a Break?












Well the answer on the breathing nails is no, your nails are made of layers of hard keratin and they do not need to breathe!

I have read so many conflicting things about nails needing to breath I thought I would give you my thoughts on the subject.

You know just my 2 cents ;0)

Your nails begin to grow from the what is called the nail root and they get what they need from blood

My Broken Fingernail

So you know I broke a fingernail the other day,You know when I was using it for a plumbing tool :-(

So as I was thinking about needing to fix my nail because it's a holiday week and even though I never have my nails done at a salon because I can do my own.

Sometimes I just wish I could drop that nail off and pick it up later.

I thought this was a perfect time for a new nail joke.

Broke my fingernail

Monday, November 24, 2014


Just checking in to say Hey Y'all!
I have been on the road again (zoom-zoom just kidding I'm really a Maw Maw driver) :9)
I went to pick up my mom for the holiday. Look out Mr. Turkey! LoL!
Anyway just wanted too say hey and I hope to get back on track here and bring you some nail goodies soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2014


I just saw Sally's Beauty has China Glaze Nail Polish buy 2 get one free!


So if you are out and about today and in need of some new nail polish!

Here is the link if you want to take a peek :0)

What color nail polish are you wearing for the holiday?

I just broke a Fingernail!

Does anyone care that I just broke my fingernail!  :9)

Like I broke it all the way off it's T totally gone! :0(




Well I doubt if you are as upset about this broken fingernail and this really isn't about my broken fingernail anyway.*wink*

Now you know I don't work for Moen, you know they are the faucet people and I'm the fingernail girl.

But I am giving them a plug cause this day and time good customer service is a hard thing to find and you know I love to share a good story.
So here is what happened it was the strangest thing one of our  faucets sprung a leak and I ain't talking about no normal leak this was a tiny pinhole in what I guess is called the spigot, you know the part that curves over where the water comes out.

So as we were dreading buying another faucet cause they are not cheap. I decided to call Moen and see if we could jut buy the part that we needed.

So I dial the number and lo and behold I got a live person and a very nice one at that
She starts taking all my info and I said how much is the part going to cost (just in case we might be better off buying a new one) and she says to me it's not going to cost you anything and it will be there by Monday.   

So if you ever need a faucet think about the customer service and  their logo "buy it for looks buy it for life" because they really stood behind their product that we have had for about four years.

Just watch out for those fingernails if you try to install it yourself.


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